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Do you want to write a guest post for Hiring Technical People?

I do take occasional guest posts for this blog. Occasional is the operative word.

Here are my guidelines for guest posts:

  • Please think about what you want to write before you pitch me. Make it relevant to hiring or looking for a job, especially for technical people.
  • Before you send me a post, run spell-check. Run a grammar checker. Check that your reading ease is very high. Check that the grade level is no higher than 7th grade. Yes, all my readers have gone to college. This is the web. You have at most 20 seconds to grab the reader’s attention.
  • As part of the grammar check, eliminate all passive voice.
  • I reserve the right to edit and/or reject your piece.
  • Let’s promote your piece together. Please help me, by providing your social media handles and retweeting my tweet.

If you send me an email and you don’t hear back from me, try me again in a week or two. Maybe I didn’t receive it the first time. I might be traveling or quite busy. But, check to make sure you send me content.

I receive a lot of email, “Would you like an article?” Uh, yes. Tell me in what context you are sending me an article, okay?

Do you want to advertise on my site?

I have not yet allowed advertising on this site.

I do not affiliate myself with products. I write my own books. I do not believe that you can substitute any interviewing product for a face-to-face interview and audition with a human being.

If you send me an email pitching your product, I may read it. Do not expect an answer.

Send me an email

So, you want to have a guest post or an ad, right? Send me an email. That’s all. Just send me an email. Even if I am sick, I will respond.

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