Selling Lemonade

I didn’t see NBC’s show “The Apprentice,” but I did hear about it on the news this morning. (Live through a few weeks of “work” with Donald Trump and then he’ll hire you for a job.) Seems as if the first hurdle the contestants had to overcome was selling lemonade in New York.

What a great idea for an audition for people who need to negotiate and sell in the eventual job. Selling lemonade (or some other inexpensive commodity) in the middle of huge city during the fall should be a slam-dunk for people who want to sell and are good at selling. This would be a bad audition for technical people — until they reach a management level where they do need to sell others in the organization on their ideas.When you’re thinking about auditions, what’s the simplest thing you can think of, that lets people show you what they can accomplish? That’s a great audition. Like selling lemonade if you want to be a real estate mogul.

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