Johanna’s Fiction

If you read my non-fiction, you know I'm a fan of telling stories in articles and books. Why? Because people like to read stories.

Here's my list of sold short fiction:

Who's the Abomination? in Pulphouse #3, July 2018. (No, I don't rate a cover mention. Not yet!)

I decided I needed to write stories better. Yes, even if the story is just a paragraph, I wanted to write it better. I started to take fiction-writing classes. I released my first short story in early November,  2016 as part of an uncollected anthology.


Here's the blurb:

Reformed white-hat hacker Amy’s past stands between her current success and her best friend’s life. Can she rescue her best friend without helping the black hats?

Trevor has no sympathy for hackers. As a cybersecurity expert, he knows some of what's going on, but not all. Amy has the insights Trevor needs. Trevor holds the key to Amy’s success. Can they work together and restore sanity to their worlds?

You can get the short story (or read the sample) here:

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