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  • Jerry Weinberg was my mentor before I met him! He’s now my mentor, teacher, and friend. Read any and all of his books. If you are ready to learn more about how to be a more effective manager or product developer, take his “Problem Solving Leadership” Workshop.
  • Naomi Karten specializes in customer satisfaction issues. In addition to her consulting, she’s a great speaker.
  • David Campbell hosts a radio show on all aspects of project management. I may have convince him of the futility of Gantt charts 🙂 He’s quite experienced and our conversations always teach both of us something.
  • Cem Kaner specializes in legal aspects of software quality. In addition, Cem wrote a great book about Bad Software.
  • Elisabeth Hendrickson is a great writer and testing consultant.
  • Brian Lawrence is a consultant specializing in the problems of setting and getting requirements.
  • Brian Marick is a product testing consultant. He has wonderful ideas about how to test products. He’s doing a bunch of pattern work these days.
  • Karl Wiegers has lots of suggestions for getting more out of your product development efforts.
  • When James Bach and I talk about software quality, we almost invariably start off from different places and end up somewhere closer.
  • Esther Derby is a very talented project manager and observer of software development environments.
  • Sue Petersen is not only a talented manager, she’s a talented writer.
  • Stever Robbins, is a good friend and a fascinating guy. He’s now coaching managers, especially those in startup situations.
  • Brendan Hemingway is an IS consultant who has really thought about the issues of developing software for the internal users.
  • Steve Rakitin is a Boston-area software quality consultant, and is one of ASQ Boston’s software quality instructors.
  • Rick Brenner focuses on how teams work together
  • Brett Pettichord, now an independent consultant focused on test automation, maintains a software quality hotlist, and some of his publications
  • Rex Black thinks clearly about how to manage testing on and make test planning work on different kinds of projects
  • Doug Hoffman has a very pragmatic approach to software quality
  • Payson Hall, is a no-nonsense software project management consultant. I enjoy his articles.
  • Denise Robitaille is a talented ISO auditor, making sure the people aren’t left out of the ISO equation. She and I also coauthored a book about corrective action for the software industry.
  • Carol Dekkers of Quality Plus Technologies, Inc. is a function points guru. She’s a frequent speaker about software measurement.
  • Idea to Business, a consulting firm based in Belgium, have a holistic approach to software quality.
  • Hung Nguyen and the other folks at LogiGear have some useful, practical, and pragmatic approaches to testing for the web that actually work.
  • Andy Kaufman understands how to make work happen in the real world. He’s a pragmatic consultant, focused on leadership, project management, and coaching.
  • Michael Mah has a great approach to project estimation and measurement. He’s also integrated negotiation skills into his measurement work.
  • I enjoy Kathy Iberle’s clear thinking and writing. I especially like her article on the developer-tester ratio.
  • Jonathan Ostrowsky is a talented writer, editor, and manager of writers. He’s now consulting to organizations helping them more clearly communicate. I’m proud to say that Jonathan was one of my early writing mentors – “A verb, JR, a verb.”
  • Larry Chait knows everything there is to know about knowledge management — and even more importantly — how to apply KM to your organization.
  • Luke Hohmann articulates and helps organization understand how to manage their architecture and products in the face of market needs.

Good Stuff to Read and Informational Sites

  • Dave Farthing has tons of project management links
  • Software Management Network If you have any interest in software maintenance or software management, check this site out.
  • Software Program Manager’s Network has many useful articles and links. I especially like the software project control panel.
  • Tons of links about software engineering:
  • Learning-Organization mailing list is a very active email list of people discussing issues in systems thinking, and how organizations can learn from what happens.
  • John Sterman has written a variety of fascinating papers about the dynamics of management. I especially like his paper about sustainable quality improvement programs.
  • TribeTally has a collection of cultural fit resources.

Boston-Area Networking Opportunities


  • Take a look at Mike Harding Roberts’ project management proverbs
  • A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… (sorry, wrong script) I’m a Symbolics alum. The web site is an on-line museum of people and some products we created.