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Merlin's been doing a series of posts about emptying your inbox. I decided he was right.Here's the philosphical statement in Inbox Zero: Articles of faith that helped me see a new possibility:

Admitting you simply don't have the time to participate in a 10-times-daily email exchange with someone is difficult to admit. But what’s the alternative?

I decided Merlin was right. Here's where I am. I started with 402 messages. I easily got down to 183 messages after just 15 minutes. I got stuck then, because I needed a reliable network connection, which my hotel did not have. Then I returned home the next day after a 3-week trip.

When I arrived home, I unpacked my suitcases, did the laundry, and in general caught up with my family and the house. Although I was officially home for 3 days last week, I did little work due to doctor's appointments and kid-driving tasks.

I kept up with my inbox, not going above messages before I left on last week's trip. But my next task is to get down below 100 messages and then to 0.

See the entire series here: 43 Folders Series: Inbox Zero.

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  1. It’s an amazing experience, getting to zero and staying there.
    I plowed through a massive backlog (at least as many as you) in early January, and stayed at zero all the way until the middle of last month…
    …when I went on vacation, then got sick a week after I came back! Ended up in the mid-100s.
    Today I finally got back there, with a couple of hours work. I feel so much more calm and in control of my workload.
    Good luck!

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