Q3 Writing Workshop Open for Registration

My Q3 writing workshop, Free Your Inner Writer, is now open for registration.

It starts July 12, 2021, and ends on Aug. 23, 2021. (The weekly debriefing calls are optional. I record them and provide transcripts.)

Here's what you get from the workshop:

  • 6 weeks of self-paced lessons with a writing assignment each week.
  • Private feedback from me on your writing each week, if you want it.
  • No group critique. Only my suggestions and you learn how to offer writing feedback. (You can ask for feedback from your cohort once all of you learn how I offer feedback.)
  • Writing prompts, if you need them.
  • 7 cohort-based debriefing and coaching sessions.
  • Lifetime access to all the class recordings plus the cohort-based debriefing and coaching sessions.
  • Your private writing cohort with the people who register for this workshop.
  • Lifetime access to my private Slack community of writers who have studied with me before.

I was a technical editor for six years. I can offer you feedback on up to ten pieces of writing. That alone is worth the cost of the workshop.

Why This Nonfiction Writing Workshop?

Nonfiction writing creates these challenges: Do people understand your words so they can work through your logic?

I work with you at two levels:

  1. Do the words make sense so people can see your logic?
  2. Does the logic make sense with the words?

As you write, I will offer that feedback for up to ten pieces of writing.

Here are things I won't teach:

  • Rewriting. I'm not a fan of rewriting. Once I write something, I want it done. I will help you learn how to do that.
  • Waiting for the muse to strike. No. Just no. I will offer you options so you can build a writing habit without needing a muse.
  • Putting the piece in a virtual drawer while you wait to “cook” it. No. I'm not a fan of that either. Write, finish, publish it. Move on to the next piece.

Other writers say, “You need 100,000 words through your fingers before you find your voice” or some such.

No. You do not. You need feedback on your writing-down so you can find your voice and publish with confidence. I'll support you as you learn how to write-down and when and how to edit yourself. (Hint: edit at the end, not while you write.)

You'll leave the workshop equipped with how to write and assess your writing yourself. And publish more. And with more self-confidence about your writing.

Register here for the workshop: Q3 2021: Free Your Inner Writer. Have questions? Email me.

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