Agile Practice Guide Interview with Mike Griffiths

Last year, I was part of a geographically distributed team who wrote the Agile Practice Guide. Shane Hastie interviewed us during Agile 2017. His interview (which was a ton of fun!) is here: Johanna Rothman and Mike Griffiths on the Agile Alliance/PMI Agile Practice Guide.

I learned a ton from that writing experience:

  • Geographically distributed agile teams across many time zones need a cadence, not iterations (strict timeboxes).
  • Agile approaches demand culture change on the part of the sponsors/company/people who want the product
  • We now have tools to make collaboration at a distance fun and productive.

Mike and I wrote an experience report about the writing of the guide. See Bridging Mindsets: Creating the Agile Practice Guide. We wrote down many more lessons learned in the experience report.

See the Agile Practice Guide Initiative on the Agile Alliance site. That link has a way to download the guide if you are an AA member. If you are a PMI member, see the PMI Agile Practice Guide page.

(As a last note: this was the first iteration. If you are a member of the AA or the PMI, contact either of those orgs to work on the next iteration.)

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