Become an Influential Agile Leader, Toronto and Edinburgh

Are you transitioning to agile? Is it going well?

If it your transition is going well, excellent. I'm happy for you. But if you are like many of the leaders across the organization I've met, you have plenty of problems. Sometimes you have a problem as this colleague said,

Right now we're really struggling with Portfolio Management that is relevant to our business.  We can't prioritize because we can't define projects in a way that resonates with the business.

Resonating with the business is an issue of influence. How influential are you? Would you like to succeed in managing the project portfolio? Or, in getting the testers/QA involved at the beginning in a real cross-functional team? Or, helping people realize that fast failing is good? Are you ready to prepare to become more influential?

Join Gil Broza and me at The Influential Agile Leader workshop.

We'll experience and practice authentic approaches to influence and coaching.  (Of course this is experiential. What did you expect?) Where is your sphere of influence? How do you expand it? How do you influence within it? You'll have a chance to practice with your  peers in real situations.

We'll help you learn how to coach up, sideways, and down. Up is especially critical. For example, you might have to explain options in different ways when you coach up. Again, you'll practice, using real-life situations.

There's much more that we can offer. You, the participants select the rest of the program. We will deliver, experientially, what you want at the time. We are prepared. We've done our work. You will drive the rest of the event.

All the details are at the Influential Agile Leader.

Please join us. Early bird registration ends Dec 31.

Sign up now. You won't regret it.

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