Public Workshops March 17, 18, 21, 2014 in London

I’m offering three public workshops this spring in London again.

Monday March 17, I’ll lead an Introduction to Agile Project Management.

If you are wondering, “Does my company think I’m an agile project manager?” or “What is this agile project stuff?” or “Why is my responsibility as a product owner to get the project to done?” or “Why does my company think a Scrum Master is supposed to drive the project to completion?” or if you have a geographically distributed project team and your company says, “let’s go agile,” and you want an introduction, this workshop is for you.

You will learn enough about agile to know what questions to ask your team:

  • Can we work in timeboxes or flow?
  • How do we start if we don’t have all the requirements?
  • How do we start delivering features, not architecture or frameworks?
  • What are our impediments to thinking about transitioning to agile?
  • What do our customers really want first: release date, feature set, low defects, and how can we tell? (This is from Manage It! Your Guide to Modern, Pragmatic Project Management)
  • How do we work with product management/product owners?
  • How do we move from silos to cross-functional teams?
  • And much more

It’s an experiential workshop. That means we work by simulation and debrief. It’s fun to work that way, and you will learn a lot. This page has the details about Introduction to Agile Project Management.

Tuesday, March 18, I’m offering my Coaching Master class.

If you have been a technical leader, a manager, an agile coach, or even worked on an agile team, you have coached people. And, have you noticed that sometimes your coaching has gone awry? Or that your coaching is not as effective as you would like it to be?  In this master class, we will explore the coaching stances available to you. We will practice coaching. And, you will discover other possibilities you can take back to your work, whether you coach inside the organization or at a distance.

You’ll learn the differences between coaching, feedback, mentoring and teaching. You’ll learn how to coach, followup and how to create an action plan. And, you’ll learn when you tend to inflict help and how to avoid doing so.

This is also an experiential workshop. That means we work by simulation, interaction, and debrief. It’s fun to work that way, and you will learn a lot. This page has the details about the Coaching Master class.

Oh, if you are the gentleman who wanted to participate last year, but didn’t leave me your country code with your phone number, please sign up now!

March 21, 2014 I’m offering my Manage Your Job Search Workshop

If you are looking for a job, you know how hard it is. I can help you learn the system of the personal kanban. If you already know that, you can learn how to mine your career timeline to learn the kind of company culture to look for. You can learn how to express your purpose, so you know what to look for. Looking forward towards a job is much more effective than looking backwards.

We’ll address how you network, so your networking is as effective as it could be. And, we’ll address the traps that are making you less effective in your search right now. You’ll leave with many tips to energize your search right now.

This workshop will have many experiential and interactive activities. Be prepared to work! It’s at a rock-bottom price, too. This page has the details about the Manage Your Job Search workshop.

Do you have questions? Email me.

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