Practical Ways to Manage Yourself: Modern Management Made Easy, Book 1

You can become an excellent manager when you manage yourself first.

If you’re like most managers, you’ve never seen management excellence. You are not alone.

Modern management requires we first manage ourselves—and that might be the most challenging part of management. Based on research and backed up by personal stories, you'll see how you can manage yourself.

Through questions, stories, and proven options, learn how you can:

  • Move from expert to coach.
  • Recognize and avoid micromanagement.
  • Support the people doing the work to solve more of their problems.
  • Make time to think so you can be your best self.
  • Trust the people you lead and serve.
  • And, much more.

With its question and myth, each chapter offers you options to rethink how you manage yourself.

Become a modern manager.

Learn to manage yourself so you and the people you lead and serve can deliver the results everyone needs.

Table of contents:


  1. Management Starts with Managing Yourself
  2. How Valuable Are Managers?
  3. Are You the One to Solve This Problem?
  4. Does Your Team Need You So They Can Work?
  5. Can You Be Effective as a Player-Coach?
  6. Can You Trust Your Estimation Gut?
  7. When Do You Ask, “Are You Done Yet?”
  8. Does the Team Need Motivation?
  9. Are You Allowed to Make Mistakes?
  10. When Do You Take Time to Think?
  11. Are Problems Bad?
  12. How Much Do You Trust the People You Serve?
  13. What Does “Indispensable” Mean?
  14. How Can I Do All of This Alone?
  15. Where Will You Start Managing Yourself?
  16. Annotated Bibliography

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