Assessments answer the question: You are Here. You want to go There. How??

If you have these questions:

  • Are my projects working as well as they could be?
  • Is everyone engaged and as effective as they could be?
  • Are my agile projects working?
  • Are we organized for success?
  • What would it take for us to move to an agile culture?

You might want an assessment.

I have performed process assessments for an entire product development process, project assessments for specific projects (traditional and agile), and functional assessments to see how a particular functional group is proceeding. I've done an informal assessment of a hiring process.

I work with you to define your goals, define our approach, and collect relevant data. Then I write the report, including derived metrics from your measurements.

I present my results in an interactive report, with short-term and long-term recommendations. I provide specific actions you can select. My clients have used these assessment results to improve a specific aspect of their product development and to overhaul their entire development process.

I timebox assessments. That's because you need to know what to do and then start your actions. My normal assessments run from 1-3 weeks. I have timeboxed some assessments to as short as two days. The report for those assessments do not look like the one below. However, they are quite valuable. They inform our next steps. Think of those assessments as more of a biopsy, so you and I understand where you are.

Clients have raved about my actionable reports. They also found the facilitation of action steps or problem-selection eased their transition to new ways of thinking and more importantly, working.

Here's an Excerpt of an Assessment Report.

Assessment Value

My clients report that they save anywhere from 1-10 calendar weeks on the current project they are working on when I do the assessment. They tend to save at least twice that on future projects, often more. Just as important, they report many fewer defects and that the cost of finding and fixing defects is much less.

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