Management Consulting

Assessments (Process, Project, Function)

If you know there are issues in your organization, but you're not sure where, or how to fix those issues, consider an assessment. I have performed process assessments for an entire product development process, project assessments for a particular project, and functional assessments to see how a particular functional group is proceeding.

I present my results in an interactive report, with short-term and long-term recommendations. I provide specific actions you can select. And, I facilitate your problem-solving/action selection at the end of the report. My clients have used these assessment results to improve a specific aspect of their product development, and to overhaul their entire development process. My assessment cliens have raved about the actionable reports.

In addition to my assessments and coaching services, I offer these management consulting services:

Facilitation (meetings of all kinds, including retrospectives)

There are times when the decision-makers in an organization are “stuck.” I facilitate both structured meetings and informal communications. Some clients have found my project retrospective facilitation especially helpful.

Speaking Engagements

I provide dynamic keynotes and presentations in addition to the workshops. I customize these speaking engagements for your organization.

Interim Management

If you need a temporary manager or project manager, I can fill in while we look for my replacement. I've worked as first-line through senior manager in development, test, documentation, and customer service groups, as well as projects and programs from 3 people to 100+ people. In the past, I've held these interim jobs for no more than two months while we look for my permanent replacement. I help you hire the appropriate manager, developing phone screens, auditions and other interview questions, and reference check questions.

Measurement Coach

It's not easy to decide what to measure, for how long, and at what frequency. If you'd like some quantitative data about what your organization is doing — or is not — consider some measurement coaching.

Expert Witness

I have expertise in all phases of software product development, so I can provide expert assessment of software products and processes.