Project Jump Start

Starting with Agile

If you're considering starting with Agile approaches, I suggest you consider an additional two days of consulting to help build the product backlog (ranking and estimating each item in the backlog), building a release plan, and facilitating your iteration start. (This is a good idea after Deliver What the Business Needs Using Agile and Lean Project Management.)

For more traditional lifecycles

Sometimes you just need a hand getting started. Maybe you're having trouble deciding on a lifecycle (or, more likely, which lifecycle combination you need), or you can't get people to agree on release criteria. Or maybe your meetings aren't going well.

If you could use a hand getting your project going, give me a call. I can help.

Consider Workshops if you're concerned about consulting

If you haven't tried my project management training and workshops, consider Pragmatic Project Management or Delivering in Difficult Circumstances:Advanced Topics in Project Management or Program Management.