Advise, Influence, and Serve Clients for Mutual Profit: (Re)Start Your Consulting Practice

NOTE: The March 2021 Cohort is closed. However, I am considering a September 2021 Cohort.

Would you like to advise, influence, and serve clients so you both win?

I started my consulting business because I tend to change faster than a single company can. That's not always so great as an employee. As a consultant, I can use my “bug” and turn that into a feature.

I learned to become a successful consultant. While I have remained true to the core of my business, I've changed/reinvented how I work. I've also changed my offerings over the past 25 years.  I don't change my core mission: to help people manage their product development.

Most successful consultants change over time, also.

If you want to become a successful consultant and create a successful consulting practice, consider this workshop.

This workshop will help you decide how to create a consulting business that works for you.


I call this a workshop because you will do work in preparation for our real-time discussion each week. If you don't already have a copy of Advise, Influence, and Serve Clients for Mutual Profit, I will give you a coupon when you register for the workshop.

You will read and do homework each week. We will debrief as a cohort, a symmathesy. The more you prepare each week, the more you can all learn—solo and with each other.

I send you pre-work that you return before our first session. You'll also introduce yourself in our Slack community.

Outline of the Workshop

  1. Define what success means for you. Define your unique value.
  2. Clarify where you want to spend time and any business horizons you want to consider.
  3. Define your products and services: your ideal client and the ways those clients will find you. This intersects with what success means.
  4. Assess your current marketing funnel. (What's working? What's missing? What do you want to keep, change, remove?)
  5. Discuss the first interaction with a client. What do you do when a client asks for a fee in email?
  6. Discuss the discovery call. Role-play discovery calls.
  7. Value-based pricing. Project-based pricing. Is there ever a circumstance in which you would choose hourly pricing?
  8. Create successful proposals, fees, and terms. How to write a proposal that will improve your chances of “yes.” How to set your fees and your terms. Does this change anything about what success means, your ideal clients, and the products/services you offer? Review your current and possible future business model.
  9. Maintain an ongoing client relationship so they ask you for more products and services over time.
  10. Discussions about intellectual property: what it is, how often to create it, how to protect it. When to decide to relinquish copyright.
  11. Manage your money so it doesn't manage you.
  12. Manage your health and why you need your family to support you and actions you might need to take.
  13. More about marketing and assess your homework/decisions.
  14. Adapt and evolve your practice. How to do something every day to get clients.


You'll send me pre-work before February 22, 2021. We'll start our work together the week of March 1, 2021. You'll spend that first week reading and preparing for our first debrief on March 2.

As of now, I'm planning on a weekly debrief meeting on 14 Tuesdays, starting March 2 and ending June 15. (I have client commitments in April that prevent me from meeting two Tuesdays. Yes, things happen!)

In preparation for those debrief meetings:

  • You might send me homework if you want specific, personal feedback.
  • I will ask you to contribute to the debrief agenda.

I hope that noon Eastern on those Tuesdays will work for everyone. If not, we will find some other mutually agreeable time for most of the people. I record these meetings for your later review. So don't worry if you can't make each meeting.

We'll use our Slack community to discuss issues, challenges, questions.

I expect us to work as a cohort for roughly 3.5 months (Mar 1-June 15). You have indefinite access to the Slack community and the videos we create in our debriefs.

Outcomes You Can Expect

  1. A decision-based approach to assessing and creating new opportunities. What do you want to offer and when? When should you say no and when to say yes.  How to create a fee structure that works for you.
  2. Learn which kinds of marketing work for you, how to market on a regular basis, and feel good about your marketing.
  3. Create proposals that have a good chance of getting to a Yes. And, be happy about whether or not you get the business.
  4. How to ask for referrals.
  5. Apply everything you learn to create a consulting business that supports your clients and sustains you.


Do you meet the criteria to enter this workshop?

If you are willing to:

  1. Start/restart an email list.
  2. (Re)create your web site where you own your own domain.
  3. Work as an independent, not as a subcontractor, or use a headhunter to get business. (You might start that way. You don't want to stay that way.)

Then, yes, let's work together.

If you're interested, email me. I'm limiting this class to 12 people, maximum. That's why I'm not offering public signup at this point.

The cost for this workshop is US$5000. I will give you either a private page on this site to use to pay, or you can pay me with PayPal. If you don't have $5000 and you have already read the consulting book, we can discuss a payment plan.

If you don't have the $9.99 the book costs, you are not ready for this workshop. You need more stability in your financial life. Work on that, and then let's talk.