Workshop: An Agile Approach to Organizational Change

Workshop Objective: Understand how agile changes the culture of your organization. Now that you are transitioning to a more transparent culture, what do you need to do? Agile is a journey of continuous improvement. How can you prepare for an emergent project?

Workshop Overview: Are you transitioning to agile, changing your organization in a profound way, or even “just” hiring a significant number of people? You are going through some sort of organizational change. Organizational change is an emergent project, which cannot be preplanned to complete on a particular day, at a particular time. Organizational change happens one person at a time.

This does not mean we cannot help change along. We can. By using systems thinking and agile and lean approaches, we can take advantage of what works, notice where people are not changing yet, and build alternatives.

You will learn by doing in this experiential workshop. You will gain pragmatic and practical experience you will be able to use when you get back to work.

Target Audience: Anyone involved in the changes who want the change to succeed.

Prerequisites: None.

Workshop Duration: 2 days. When I offer this as a 1-day public workshop, I ask you about your issues and timebox everything.

Workshop Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Your issues
    2. Activity
  2. What does it mean to change?
    1. Introduction to change models
    2. Activity and debrief
  3. What resistance to change means
    1. Reframing resistance
    2. Communicating around change so you see resistance before it happens
    3. Understanding people without labeling them
    4. Activity and debrief
  4. Identify the change  issues
    1. What is a problem?
    2. Problem frames
    3. Who has the problem?
    4. Activity and debrief
  5. Planning an emergent project
    1. Using agile in your approach to change
    2. Involving the organization
    3. How open can you be about what?
    4. Activity and debrief
  6. Summary and wrap-up.
    1. What to do tomorrow
    2. Where to go to learn more

Contact me for the extended description.


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