Using Lifecycles to Design Your Project

Workshop Objective: If you’re dreading the next project—because you know it will be a disaster, or at the very least uncomfortable—it’s time to think about designing your next project.

We’re accustomed to thinking about designing products or tests, but projects? Is it really possible to design a project? Yes. Lifecycles, those idealized approaches to organizing projects allow us to design a project—just the way we want the project to unfold. This workshop is based on my project management book: Manage It! Your Guide to Modern, Pragmatic Project Management.

This workshop is especially useful if you are having trouble making agile work and you don't want to use waterfall, but you don't know what else to do. You have many other choices.

Workshop Overview: You will learn about the four major types of lifecycles, when each is useful. We'll discuss how to combine lifecycles to design your project. You'll have a chance to use each lifecycle on a real (albeit small) project, to see how each lifecycle works. We'll discuss how to help your project team see how to use the lifecycle you choose. We'll also discuss how to integrate lean approaches on different lifecycles.

Target Audience: Project managers, program managers, functional managers, technical leads, product owners, technical project staff.

Prerequisites: Experience on a project

Workshop Duration: 1 day.

Workshop Outline:

  1. Introduction
    1. Gather participant issues about projects and what they want to know
  2. What you need to know about lifecycles
    1. How quality affects lifecycle choice
    2. How different lifecycles manage risks differently
    3. Combining lifecycles
  3. Practice with projects
    1. Activities: Plan and execute four projects, debriefing after each
  4. What your managers need
    1. What to measure when for each kind of lifecycle
    2. How to present those measurements
  5. Summary and Wrap-up

Contact me for the extended description or to book this workshop.

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