2 Replies to “Updated Blog Look”

  1. Hi Johanna,
    As requested 🙂
    I like the clean look of the web pages.
    I found the text size rather large, so I zoomed a couple of sizes smaller to get more text in view.
    I find it a little confusing to browse…
    Sometimes you see a list of posts, with links to older and newer.
    Sometimes you see one post with all comments, and links to the next and previous.
    *Most of all* I’d like a way to browse all of the categories, via a list or a tag cloud or whatever.
    Hope that helps,

  2. I like it! I’d suggest you put links to your blog(s) with the other links, and if you want to replace the stock banner image across the top, I can put you in contact with the guy who did Esther’s.


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