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Johanna is the person to call about project management or hiring technical people. Her breadth of knowledge and experience is amazing, and sure to hold something extremely helpful to you.–  Jerry Weinberg, Principal, Weinberg & Weinberg

I have worked with Johanna over the past 10 years on a wide array of projects and I have been impressed with each and every project she has worked on for me! Her recommendations are insightful and actionable. She is a very reasonable person and considers constraints when giving business advice.  — Bob Herdoiza, CEO, Cebos

Johanna is a no nonsense, direct and factual based consultant. She can speak on the most technical of levels as well as a business level. She understands all the disciplines within the software development lifecycle and has been a practitioner of most of them. I will tell you what I was told: If you have a project that needs help, at whatever level be it team, corporate, program, call Johanna and then consider it done. I wish I had heard about her 14 years ago when I started doing such things back in the mid 90's! –Marjie Carmen, Director, Health Dialog

Johanna understands that one needs to understand the system in order to solve a problem, and not just focus on immediate issues. She has an excellent (and unique) ability to be direct while not putting people on the defensive. Johanna helped me to take technical leadership techniques I thought that I knew and learn how to apply them more effectively. Johanna brings a unique set of skills, an effective style, and an excellent base of experience to her writing, her presentations, and her coaching and consulting engagements. Johanna can help teams work better. — Steve Berczuk

Johanna's informal coaching was one of the factors that helped us make our R&D team's transition to Scrum very successful. At first, we reduced overall stabilization time from 2 months to 3 weeks. Now, our stabilization is part of our sprints. The team advocates for practices that help, including continuous integration, small chunks of work. Our product quality improved and we can release when we want to. Guy Nirpaz, EVP R&D, Gigaspaces

I've asked Johanna to consult, assess, and teach in several organizations. I've seen her excellent project and program management skills, and I've seen her transmit them through coaching and teaching to other people. When I've described a problem to her, she sees the heart of the problem and offers multiple avenues to manage the problem. Johanna is a dynamic speaker and teacher–my staff always came away with new skills and attitudes. Ellen Salisbury, Managing Director, CambridgeWestVentures

Johanna has worked with me in several capacities: as a coach for me and my management team, as a consultant where her assessments helped us determine where to go next, and as a workshop leader. She has the ability to help us see and solve the problems at hand. — Jim Bampos, VP, Vanteon.

I have already used some of the information from your presentation in coaching one of our project managers. You have a talent for clarifying concepts and delivering them with humor. — Director of Project Management

When I hear consultant and off-site in the same sentence, I try to run away. You changed my perspective about consultants and off-sites. This retrospective was the best use of our time today. Thank you! — Software developer after a retrospective

I can't tell you how much I identified with it [this article: No more Whining: Reframing the Not Enough Question]. The article gave me a completely different way of viewing my job. I can't thank you enough. I've been working in QA for almost six years and always thought perfection was our goal! You gave me permission to do the best I can in the time allotted. I can do that! — Software Tester

I've thoroughly enjoyed your quarterly publication ever since I received the first one. I always read your newsletters and almost never read others. You always seem to provide a tip which is “dead on” for the immediate situation I am experiencing or invariably, there are several times I say, “I know that's right” when I read your newsletter. I couldn't agree more with the “Managing People” article in Volume 3, Number 3. Keep up the good work and I will look forward to future communications! — Enterprise Project Manager

“Thank you very much for your wonderful article Bringing People into the Organization in your last Reflections. I'd like to get as good at welcoming someone into my department as I have been about recruiting to get them here in the first place.” — Test Manager

As one of those who heard you last night at the ASQ Merrimack Valley meeting, a hearty “Thank you!” You were in fine form, and helped a number of people to understand (and appreciate) SQA, and SQA Managers. I think a lot of us will be quoting you (consciously or not) for a while. — Meeting attendee

A test lead said: “A survey of books on testing and metrics left me desperate for real live examples of release criteria. A search for ‘release criteria' turned up your paper, “Measurements to Reduce Risk in Product Ship Decisions“. Over the course of several months, I developed a habit of discovering something “new and useful” in the paper and implementing it. As it turns out, this careful selection process resulted in me doing everything the paper suggested. In my first two years as a testing lead, I did more testing than leading. Thanks for helping me test less and lead more.”

“Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your article in the December Computer [IEEE Computer, December 1998]- good going. I enjoy those pearls more than most of the technical articles.” — Frank Bonk.

“You, like me, seem to try to integrate all of the various disjointed facts, studies, and anecdotes into a more unified wisdom about what should happen in the office each day. ” — Senior software engineer, scientific applications

“Your newsletter is great. You really have a knack for explaining difficult (and often painful 🙂 concepts so concisely.” — VP, Product Development