Johanna’s Fiction

If you read my non-fiction, you know I'm a fan of telling stories in articles and books. Why? Because people like to read stories.

These short stories are all in other people's magazines or anthologies. Where possible, I used universal book links, so you can choose the story you like to purchase books from.


An Uncommon Tern of Events, Pulphouse #16, February 2022.


Project Management Miracle, Holiday Spectacular, December 2021.

Intuition Saves the Day in BOULD Awards 2021 Short Story Anthology, Nov. 2021.

Life is Good and Cascading Gold in Barbara Tarn's Blurred Timelines, July 2021.

Crime and Paradise in Blaze Ward Presents #5, Crime And … May 2021.

Melted Hearts in Sweet Valentine's, February 2021.


Order at the Old Time Bar and Grill in Blaze Ward Presents #4 Cloak and Dagger, November 2020.

2019 and Earlier

I've published longer works, too. They're on my Johanna's Books page.

If you like slightly off-kilter fiction, primarily about smart women, please join my fiction readers list.


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