In-House Workshop list:

These links go to the “standard” syllabuses. I expect to customize the workshop with you.

For people involved in project management:

For people who work on projects, whether or not they are project managers:

For people who need to manage more than one project or the project portfolio:

For managers who want to be more effective:

  • Designing the Agile Organization is for managers who have agile teams working well, and know the management structures need to change, but are not sure what structure makes the best change.
  • Agile Management: What It Is, and Isn't. How to not fall for the traps that agile managers encounter on their way to agile.
  • Becoming a Great Manager: Exposing Management Myths, Rules, and Traps and What You Can Do About Them.

For people who are involved in hiring:

Think of these as a starting point for a conversation. Do you see something close to what you want? Let's talk. To obtain full syllabuses, discuss customization, book a workshop or questions about workshop details, please contact me, jr at jrothman dot com.