I offer these kinds of workshops:

  • Public cohorts where I do not customize the content. If you want to bring these workshops inside your organization and customize them, we can chat.
  • Private cohort, customizable workshops for inside an organization.
  • Self-study workshops. Pre-recorded, no interaction. If you want coaching after these workshops, let's chat.

Public Cohort Workshops

Private Cohort Workshops

These links go to the “standard” syllabuses. I expect to customize the workshop with you.

Product Development Workshops for Teams

I focus these workshops on team-based collaboration, regardless of whether you want (or need) an agile approach:

Product Development Workshops for Managers:

For people who need to manage more than one project or the project portfolio:

Hiring Workshops

Leadership Workshops

I offer these leadership workshops to management cohorts. These workshops reinforce a culture of experimentation and learn for managers and teams. Use these to create a culture of business agility in your organization.

Modern Management Made Easy: Three Workshops to Support Your Management Practice & Business Agility

In all cases, think of these as a starting point for a conversation. Do you see something close to what you want? Let's talk. To obtain full syllabuses, discuss customization, or book a workshop, please contact me.

Self-Study, Self-Paced Workshops

Learn how to make remote work for you on Distributed Agile Success. These workshops are based on the book: From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams.

Self-study (self-paced) hiring workshop: How to Discover, Interview, and Hire Amazing Remote People

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