I'm a management consultant for managers and leaders. I can help you identify your problems and seize the opportunities you know exist–but can't find yet. I provide assessments, workshops and training, coaching, speaking, and facilitation as part of my packaged services. This page will help you understand a little about what I can provide.

First, let's chat. We can then jointly decide on what's the right action to take. You might need something that's not identified on this page. That's fine. This page only contains my packaged services. I'm a lot more flexible than this.

Through my management consulting, I help you identify your unique strengths and manage your weaknesses, whether it's managing your projects, hiring technical people, leadership skill development, or managing risk. I suggest options for you, and then you decide on an appropriate set of actions. If you like, I help you plan how to accomplish those actions and coach you through those changes.

My philosophy is that people want to do a good job, they just don't always know what they are supposed to do, nor how to do it.

Transitioning to Agile?

If you are transitioning to agile, and you are unique in some way, talk to me. In addition to the “normal” transitions, I have significant experience with the challenging transitions: geographically distributed, large programs, too many projects, some part of the company is still in waterfall, etc. Other people do commodity transitions. I can help you with your situation.

As part of my talk for the bootcamp stage for Agile 2014, I created a page for a minimum reading list for an agile transition. I hope you enjoy it.


Consider an assessment if:

  • You're thinking of transitioning to agile, but you're not sure if you're ready
  • You're thinking of transitioning to agile and you want to know what it would take and how to start
  • You have product development issues in your organization (you can't get the speed, quality, or feature set you want), but you're not sure why. You might even know why, but you can't see how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

I can help.

Assessments are a qualitative and quantitative snapshot of your actual product development process. Assessments help you see where you are now, and what it would take to improve. I have performed process assessments for an entire product development process, project assessments for a particular project, and functional assessments to see how a particular functional group is proceeding.

Take a look at the assessment page for the details.

Clients have raved about my actionable reports. They also found the facilitation of action steps or problem-selection eased their transition to new ways of thinking and more importantly, working.

Workshops and Training

See the Workshop list for the current list of workshops. I focus on the issues around leadership–technical and management–in the organization. I offer interactive workshops for all managers and leaders in the organization: project management training, program management training, building your hiring skills and interviewing skills, managing people, and problem solving leadership.

I offer Agile training also: agile and lean training, how to make the transition to Agile project management, and Hiring for an Agile team. I also offer a simulation-based workshop, Making Geographically Distributed Agile Projects Work for those of you attempting to move to agile with teams all over the world. If you have agile projects working and want to make the organization congruent with the projects, consider Designing the Agile Organization.

Participants have raved about the experiential nature of my workshops. Managers have raved about the changes people have made back at work post-workshop.

I can add some mentoring or more formal consulting to make sure the workshop content sticks. See the Coaching page for more possibilities.

Coaching and mentoring for managers, leaders, and teams

Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone, another experienced manager who's encountered similar problems. I can structure a coaching engagement to answer your questions, and help you see how to be most effective.

Maybe you'd like to know what to measure to get the results you want. I can help with that, too.See the Coaching page for more possibilities.

Speaking engagements

If you're not ready for an entire workshop, I can customize parts of the workshops as a speaking engagement for you. I provide dynamic keynotes and presentations in addition to the workshops. I customize these speaking engagements for your organization.


There are times when the decision-makers in an organization are stuck. I facilitate both structured meetings and informal communications. Some clients have found my project retrospective facilitation especially helpful.

Project Management and mentoring

If you're changing project lifecycles, or have had trouble making your projects succeed in the past, consider a project management coach. I provide project management expertise (on all lifecycles, including Agile) and mentoring for projects and/or project managers. I work with you to determine what you already do well, and what you need to change for the future.

Sometimes, I suggest a Project jump start to make sure you can succeed. At other times, I offer specific project consulting. See the Coaching page for more possibilities.


I've written several books. Please see that page for the fill list.

The books are all available from their publishers and from online and independent bookstores. Want to buy in bulk? Talk to the publisher or to me. I offer workshops based on all the books.

Want to chat or email? Contact me.