Do you need a dynamic speaker, one who can use stories and interactions and experiential approaches to help people understand the problem and the possible solutions? Do you need an expert, and someone who can connect with an audience? That's me.

I've been speaking professionally since 1994. I've been invited to keynote internationally since 2001. I enjoy connecting with my audiences. Even better, my audiences enjoy what they learn.

I speak about a number of topics:

jrpm_smallProject management. Whether you want something from Manage It! or something more in the agile/lean approach to project management, I have many talks. I talk about chartering, measuring, how to transition to agile, how to make waterfall work for you (yes, it can be done!), how to integrate kanban, how and what to measure, how to help people communicate, and how to finish a project.

I have some very funny talks about schedule games.

jrport_smallProject portfolio management. If you want specifics from Manage Your Project portfolio, that's terrific.

But, maybe you want something general, such as how to say no to more work, or how to say no to multitasking, or how to have the conversation with your boss, or how to evaluate the project portfolio when you can't estimate the work.

I also speak about how to manage your personal project portfolio, which many people find quite helpful.

rdbcd_smallManagement. Do you need a talk about management or leadership–or both? Maybe you need a little practice with coaching or feedback or your agile transition with management.

Whether you have a room of first-time managers, experienced senior managers, team leaders, or people who are suspicious of managers, I can tell them stories, help them practice feedback or coaching–or learn the difference. They will leave with an appreciation of management and leadership.

I lean towards servant leadership. If you want to learn how to be a servant leader, I have talks for you.

HiringGeeksThatFit.150Hiring. I can speak about anything from Hiring Geeks That Fit. But maybe you want a more general talk, such as the top  questions to not ask.  Or, the top questions to ask, and why. Or, maybe, you want to see me role play an interview, geek-to-geek. It's pretty funny.

I have terrific stories about how to interview and not interview. When I talk about hiring, I often have people rolling on the floor, laughing. And, then I leave them with actions they can do, today. It's not a waste. Not at all.

MYJS.150You wouldn't think that job-hunters would find a talk about job hunting funny or inspiring. But when I talk about building rapport, or building your social or in-person network, they take notes, and they giggle and laugh.

That's because I deliver the information in a way that helps them see what to do, and helps them relax. People learn best when they are relaxed and happy. So, I break the ice by telling them stories of real-life interviewing and job searching problems. Then I help them see ways out of it.

I also have talks about  influence, where we practice building rapport. I'm always developing new talks, or improving on already-delivered talks.

See my articles page for ideas. Or take a look at my calendar page to see the kinds of things I've talked about this year.

I often upload my slides to my slideshares page.

My talks are never boring. I use stories, interaction, and experiential approaches in my talks to help people learn–sometimes in as little as 20 minutes.