Management Coaching

You might want to improve something about your work. Maybe you're stumped. Maybe you want to see more options. If so, you might need a coach.

Agile Coaching

I coach leaders all over the organization to change their behaviors. I work with senior leaders and HR to address the necessary changes for the reward system.

What if you're a project-based leader? I'm happy to work with you.

We'll create an engagement that:

  • Discusses your current situation
  • How to take advantage of the transparency agile approaches provide
  • How to remove obstacles for your teams.

Executive coaching and management mentoring

Would you like to talk to someone who's been in your shoes before?

I can structure a coaching engagement to answer your questions, and help you see how to be most effective. I've coached senior leaders, middle managers, program managers, project managers, and senior technical staff.

We work together to support your growth and capabilities.

You might prefer my Trusted Advisor offering.

One-on-One or Group Coaching

I offer each of my coaching services one-on-one or for a group of managers from the same organization. I offer packages for coaching:

  • A 30- or 60-minute off-the-cuff call. You don't need to book more or be a regular caller.
  • One-month package: A series of weekly calls with homework and reading. We often create a backlog and work off that, with the inevitable changes. You have unlimited email access to me.
  • Two-month series of calls. We create a backlog and work off that, with the inevitable changes. Since this is a package, if we think we should talk more, we do. You have unlimited email access to me.

Contact me if you're interested.

Want to chat to see if I'm the right coach for you? Book a no-cost 30-minute chat on Book a Meeting With Me.

Here are two of the most popular coaching packages I offer. All packages include unlimited email with me.

One Hour “On Demand”

Book an hour whenever you want. We talk about anything you like for that hour. $450.00

6 Weeks (7 sessions total)

Book a series of seven conversations. We have an initial conversation to build a backlog and then have weekly or biweekly one-hour conversations. Some clients use their sessions in just three or four weeks. Some clients need a break, so we take a break and then return. I call this “six weeks”—and we pay attention to your context.  $3,000.

Create a Custom Coaching Package

I can offer a shorter or longer coaching package for individuals or teams. Let's talk.

I encourage you to either contact me or Book a Meeting With Me so we can discuss your needs.

Coaching Testimonials

Here are some of the testimonials I've received from my coaching:

“I thoroughly enjoyed our chat. Thanks so much for your insightful advice on Smart Projex.” — Susanne S. Davenport, Owner of Smart Projex, Inc.

Regardless of our official title on a team, we can all be leaders. Johanna's coaching has helped me develop my leadership skills. She asks questions that help me identify problems and think of experiments to address them. And, she gives me links to other helpful resources. Thanks to Johanna, I have engaged my team in some new experiments, using new metrics to gauge progress. Higher-ups who were previously dismissive of my ideas are now more respectful and receptive. I'm so excited to pursue this new path that Johanna's coaching has opened for me.” — Lisa Crispin, tester and author

“I highly recommend Johanna’s coaching for whatever situation you are encountering. Her kind wisdom, advice, and actionable direction will ensure not only your survival—but your thriving success.” —  Sarah Baca, Agile Coach

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