Trusted Advisor

You need to ask a question or bounce ideas off an expert. Who do you turn to? A trusted advisor.

I act as a trusted advisor for leaders and leadership teams in organizations. We choose how to structure the agreement. I structure most trusted advisor engagements based on your access to me.

  • You might want access to me for a quarter or up to a year at a time.
  • Your leadership team might want access for a specific period.

I have yet to create an agreement for under 90 days or longer than a year. Under a quarter, and you probably can't use me enough. I cap my normal Trusted Advisor engagements to a year with a renewal at the end of the year.

Consider my trusted advisory service under these conditions:

  • A coaching engagement isn't quite right because you're not sure you can articulate specific outcomes.
  • You can see many possible actions and you want to explore the what-if consequences for those actions.
  • You have a long effort and you want another, expert opinion.

I always maintain your privacy in our discussions.

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