Amplifying Your Effectiveness


Amplifying Your Effectiveness

The collected essays address diverse topics in personal empowerment, interpersonal interaction, mastering projects, and changing the organization. Contributors include James Bach, Marie Benesh, Rick Brenner, Esther Derby, Kevin Fjelsted, Don Gray, Naomi Karten, Bob King, Pat Medvick, Brian Pioreck, Ken Roberts, Sharon Marsh Roberts, Johanna Rothman, Steve Smith, Eileen Strider, Gerald M. Weinberg, and Becky Winant.

My essays include “It's Just the First Slip” and “The Perils of Parallel Projects.”

The idea for this collection arose out of a brainstorming session for the inaugural Amplifying Your Effectiveness Conference (AYE), in 2000, for which the contributing authors served as hosts. Like the book, this annual conference is designed to help technical people become more effective individually, within a team, and within an organization.

We no longer offer the conference. However, the library of all the articles remains at Human Systems In Action

The variety of techniques and perspectives represented in the book will help you amplify your effectiveness—whether or not you are able to attend the live event.

You can buy the book from the publisher, Dorset House. You can also buy it from Amazon.

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