Pile of Links

John Sumser in Drowning In Information discusses his take on the recruiting.com proposed link swap. And, he includes 96 links to blogs he follows. I’m thrilled this blog is part of his list. If you’re a recruiter, an HR person, or a candidate, I strongly suggest you spend time checking out that list. If you’re …

I’m in Great Company at the Kennedy Recruiting Conference

I’m a speaker at the 2006 Kennedy Information Recruiting Conference. I’ll be adapting my cultural fit talk, this time focusing on some of the specific issues health care recruiters face. I’ve been talking to some of these folks and the issues are remarkably similar to technical people–especially when they’re recruiting technical people into health care …

Rapid Ramp-Ups, Part 1

This month’s column over at the Fast Company/Inc hiring site is Rapid Ramp-Ups. I don’t think treating hiring like a project is new, but some people have remarked on that in the past. Please leave comments here.

Up for a Jolt Award

Hiring the Best… is up for a Jolt award (in the general books category). Yes, I’m a Jolt judge. No, I don’t judge — or even see the discussions about — the entire category in which my book is nominated. Yes, I’m excited! And now I get to display the finalist logo .