"Seeing Your Work" Podcast Posted

I’ve posted my “Seeing Your Work” podcast. It’s available on libsyn and through iTunes. If you’d like me to interview you or you interview me, lemme know.

Podcast Posted

I’ve been wanting to start podcasting for a while. Now, I finally seem to have enough tools that I can do it! Thanks to Clarke‘s suggestion, I’m using libsyn, and I do believe iTunes is syndicating the podcast also. So, here is the link to my first podcast: Timeboxes Help Multisite Teams on libsyn. I …

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Interview Posted at IT Conversations

  I’m excited to announce that Roy Osherove’s interview with me is now posted on IT Conversations. Here’s the link to the interview. Roy interviewed me about the hiring book, and of course we segued into project management and management issues. Enjoy!