Cybercrime Mysteries: An Amanda Scott, PI, Short Story Collection

The world needs a little cleaning up, and Amanda Scott and Associates have the will, the technology, and the power to do so. With high-tech gadgets, superior hacking skills, and an ability to extract money from donors, these private eyes find the criminals and bring them to justice.

In this collection, Amanda and her team encounter an assassin, a double-crossing money launderer, a domestic abuser, a gang, and a ransomware scheme.

Could they work alone? Yes. However, they choose to work together and support each other. And with a little luck, pave the way for the disadvantaged kids who need a little support, too.

Read this brand-new collection of five original short mystery stories featuring Boston-based private eye Amanda Scott and her associates.

The stories:

  • Double Crosser
  • Mean Streets
  • The Un-Gala
  • Lucky Lady
  • A Peaceful Fourth

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