The Bargain Spot Chronicles: An Original Urban Fantasy Collection of Five Short Stories

Dana needed a summer job to escape becoming an unpaid babysitter for her family. But it was 1977. And women need not apply—especially women who’d just graduated from high school.

Ready to earn that job, Dana discovers a local thrift shop, the Bargain Spot, desperately needs her skills.

She learns to organize, bargain—and use her tiger form to stop other magical beings as they wreak havoc on her world.

Can she make the world a little bit better? And find a role that suits her skills as she ages? Read how Dana and her team battle various other beings, such as elves, demons, and lions.

Follow Dana’s adventures from 1977 to 2017 as she works, leads, and then retires from that thrift shop.

This book includes these stories:
• A Good Sign
• Repairing the World
• Break Those Glass Ceilings
• Publicly Acceptable Behavior
• In Great Hands

Buy this book now and see how magical beings can make the world a little better.

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