Practical Ways to Lead an Innovative Organization: Modern Management Made Easy, Book 3

We hold many management myths as truth:

  • We have to treat everyone the same way,
  • We need to manage performance
  • 100% utilization works.

Each of these myths prevents people and teams from succeeding. In turn, these myths prevent the organization from finding the best customers who will create success in the marketplace.

In this book, you’ll learn to see how common—but ill-advised—management practices prevent people from doing their best job, as individuals and as part of groups and teams. And, you’ll learn what you can do instead.

Build your management excellence. Learn to build trust and respect with congruence, and practice management with integrity.

Table of contents:


  1. Encourage Management Innovation
  2. Does Management Require Practice?
  3. Should We Treat Everyone the Same Way?
  4. Must We Manage Performance?
  5. Which Teams are the Best?
  6. Does Competition Between Teams or Managers Work?
  7. What Kind of Physical Space Works?
  8. Don't We Need Estimates to Plan?
  9. Must We Utilize Everyone at 100%?
  10. Can’t I Move People From Project to Project?
  11. Don’t People Already Know How to Do Their Jobs?
  12. Doesn’t Lower Salaries Mean Lower Project Cost?
  13. Who Makes Which Decisions?
  14. Isn’t the Organization a Well-Oiled Machine?
  15. Where’s the Quick Fix or Silver Bullet?
  16. Where Will You Start Leading an Innovative Organization?
  17. Annotated Bibliography


I'm using lean publishing to publish the book in progress. If you don't like in-progress books, please do not buy the book yet. As of Aug 1, the book is in final proofing.

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