Practical Ways to Lead an Innovative Organization: Modern Management Made Easy, Book 3

Would you like your organization to innovate more? Start with your management practices.

You might never have seen innovation in management. You are not alone.

Learn to create an environment where people can innovate. See how to use the organization’s purpose to manage for better outcomes. Free people to work better and faster.
Based on research and backed up by personal stories, you'll see how modern managers practice innovation.

Through questions and stories, learn how you can:

  • Create management teamwork at all levels.
  • Reduce management decision time.
  • Manage for effectiveness to promote innovation.
  • Plan by value.
  • Welcome experiments and learn from them.
  • Move from change management to embracing change.
  • And, much more.

With its question and myth, each chapter offers you options to rethink how you can create management innovation. Change your practices and free the people to deliver better outcomes.

Become a modern manager.

Learn to lead an innovative organization.

Table of contents:


  1. Encourage Management Innovation
  2. Does Management Require Practice?
  3. Should We Treat Everyone the Same Way?
  4. Must We Manage Performance?
  5. Which Teams are the Best?
  6. Does Competition Between Teams or Managers Work?
  7. What Kind of Physical Space Works?
  8. Don't We Need Estimates to Plan?
  9. Must We Utilize Everyone at 100%?
  10. Can’t I Move People From Project to Project?
  11. Don’t People Already Know How to Do Their Jobs?
  12. Doesn’t Lower Salaries Mean Lower Project Cost?
  13. Who Makes Which Decisions?
  14. Isn’t the Organization a Well-Oiled Machine?
  15. Where’s the Quick Fix or Silver Bullet?
  16. Where Will You Start Leading an Innovative Organization?
  17. Annotated Bibliography

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