Practical Ways to Lead and Serve—Manage—Others: Modern Management Made Easy, Book 2

You can excel at managing people when you lead and serve them.

You might have only seen managers try to direct and control others. You might think you can't possibly lead and serve others. Especially not with all the pressure you feel. You can.

Great managers create an environment where people can do their best work. These excellent managers lead and serve others—not control or direct them.
Based on research and backed up by personal stories, this book will show you how modern managers lead and serve others.

Through questions and stories, learn how you can:

  • Change your focus from individuals to teams.
  • Create more capability in each person and as a team.
  • Create more engaged teams or workgroups.
  • Support people as they manage their careers and eliminate the need for performance reviews.
  • Support teams as they can learn to manage themselves.
  • And, much more.

With its question and myth, each chapter offers you options to rethink how you lead and serve others.

Become a modern manager.

Learn to lead and serve others to deliver the results everyone needs.

Table of contents:


  1. Managers Lead and Serve Others
  2. How Many People Can You Serve as a Manager?
  3. How Often Do You Meet Privately With People?
  4. Do I Really Need to Tell Someone How They’re Doing?
  5. Is Measuring Time Useful?
  6. How Can You Tell if People Are Engaged?
  7. How Do You Know People are Working Hard?
  8. What Value do Performance Reviews Offer?
  9. Do People Ever Need External Credit?
  10. Who Deserves a Job Here?
  11. Do Hiring Shortcuts Work?
  12. Are People Resources?
  13. Do Experts Help Finish the Work?
  14.  Who Do You Promote Into Management?
  15. Where Will You Start Leading and Serving Others?
  16. Annotated Bibliography

All three books are done in ebook and print.

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