Practical Ways to Lead and Serve—Manage—Others: Modern Management Made Easy, Book 2

As a manager, do you feel as if you’re stuck between what the organization wants and what the people need? Your bosses may believe:

  • That you need to measure the time people spend in the office to understand their productivity.
  • That you need to reinforce individual work, especially with performance reviews.
  • That people are “resources” you can plug and play where you need them.

All these myths (and more) mean you don’t manage as you might. You and the organization create dis-engagement. You might even push people away to find a job elsewhere.

In this book, you’ll learn to see how common—but ill-advised—management practices repel people, instead of attracting them. And, you’ll learn what you can do instead.

Learn to build trust and respect with congruence, and practice management with integrity.

Table of contents:


  1. Managers Lead and Serve Others
  2. How Many People Can You Serve as a Manager?
  3. How Often Do You Meet Privately With People?
  4. Do I Really Need to Tell Someone How They’re Doing?
  5. Is Measuring Time Useful?
  6. How Can You Tell if People Are Engaged?
  7. How Do You Know People are Working Hard?
  8. What Value do Performance Reviews Offer?
  9. Do People Ever Need External Credit?
  10. Who Deserves a Job Here?
  11. Do Hiring Shortcuts Work?
  12. Are People Resources?
  13. Do Experts Help Finish the Work?
  14.  Who Do You Promote Into Management?
  15. Where Will You Start Leading and Serving Others?
  16. Annotated Bibliography

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