Writing Workshop 1: Free Your Inner Writer & Sell Your Nonfiction Ideas

Do you want to help people understand what you see? Sure, speaking works. But as soon as you've said it—poof—the words vanish.

Speaking isn't enough for you. It's time to add writing to your skills. But you haven't made friends with writing yet.

You can learn to write. And write well. (And since you don't have a ton of time, write fast.)

Is This Workshop for You?

Does this describe your writing experience so far:

  • You know what you want to say, and you're not sure how to say it.
  • Even though you can say what you want, when you write it down, the words don't seem to flow.
  • You look at a blank page and wonder, “What the heck should I say?”

And when you ask people what they think about your writing:

  • No one says anything. (Good, bad, or indifferent.)
  • Worse, they say, “Sorry, I couldn't quite get through this.”

Then there's the self-doubt:

  • A little voice inside your head says, “Who wants to hear from me? Surely, someone else has already said this.”
  • You can start writing. You don't finish.
  • You edit. And edit. And edit. Instead of writing new words.

As a result of all of these problems—and possibly more—you haven't created your sustainable writing habit.

If so, this workshop is for you. (Ready to register? Enroll now.)

What You Will Learn:

The curriculum:

  • Week 1: Benefits of writing. How to develop a daily writing habit and find a reasonable speed for you.
  • Week 2: How to decide what to write about. The structure of a great article.
  • Week 3: The difference between writing and editing. Tools to make editing easier. The value of other people as reviewers.
  • Week 4: Build empathy with your readers.
  • Week 5: How to get published. Benefits of publishing your work yourself. Benefits of publishing on other sites.
  • Week 6: Tips and traps. Plan your accountability.
  • Week 7: Final coaching and debrief.

What's Included in Your Registration

When you register, you get:

  • 6 weeks of self-paced lessons with a writing assignment each week. (Everyone starts at the same time, regardless of when you register for a specific cohort.)
  • Private feedback from me on your writing each week, if you want it. No group critique. None of that here. You can ask for feedback from your cohort once all of you learn how I offer feedback.
  • Writing prompts, if you need them.
  • 7 cohort-based debriefing and coaching sessions.
  • Lifetime access to all the class recordings plus the cohort-based debriefing and coaching sessions.
  • Your private writing cohort with the people who register for the same workshop.
  • Lifetime access to my private Slack community of writers who have studied with me before. Many of them continue to write and publish. You can become part of a community of successful writers.

(Ready to register? Enroll now.)

Benefits You Can Expect

If you practice, you will learn to:

  • Improve your writing clarity.
  • Write faster and easier.
  • Write blog posts, articles, and longer pieces without pulling your hair out.
  • Structure your writing to attract readers, regardless of who your readers are.
  • Sell yourself through your writing.

You will free your inner writer and sell your nonfiction ideas. (Ready to register? Enroll now.)


I offer this workshop once a quarter.

  • Q4 2021: Oct 4, 2021-Nov 22, 2021.
  • Q1 2022: Jan 10, 2022- Feb 21, 2022.
  • Q2 2022: April 11, 2022-May 23, 2022.
  • Q3 2022: July 18, 2022- Aug 29, 2022. 
  • Q4 2022: Oct 17, 2022 – Nov 28, 2022

I limit each workshop to eight writers. That way, I have time to read what you all write and offer specific feedback.

Enroll in the Writing Workshop Now

Since I use Teachable for this work, go to the workshop page: Q4 2022 Writing Workshop. That's where you will register and I will confirm your registration.

After you register, you'll receive a teachable email. I will also email you, welcoming you to the workshop.

I'm excited to work with you.

Not Sure Yet?

Still thinking? (Yeah, this is not a hard sell page at all, is it?) Please sign up for the notification list:


“After reading a great article or looking at whatever passed as my website, I'd find my inner voice saying, “I should write more.” Sadly I felt utterly defeated in every attempt to remedy that. Writing felt like something an activity that only truly blessed people can do. Like folding fitted sheets. I took Johanna's class because I was willing to try anything to stop feeling that way and start writing. To say her class was effective might be an understatement. The year after I took her class I wrote 62 articles and published a book. I don't have anxiety about writing anymore. Instead, I have focus on my skills and confidence that I too, can fold fitted sheets.” —Ryan Latta, Consultant & Writer

“Before Johanna’s writing workshop, I was a great writer. Now, thanks to Johanna’s coaching and insights, I am on my way to becoming a great storyteller. Johanna has this knack of suggesting seemingly small tweaks and tiny experiments that have an enormous impact. On top of that, Johanna’s writing system is helping me write consistently and with ease. This workshop has transformed the way I write.” — Michael Hunter, Uncommon Teams

I am very pleased with my experience in Johanna Rothman’s “Free Your Inner Writer” workshop. I came needing help to achieve my writing ambitions and left with a working writing system. I built new and improved writing habits and understand how to connect with my intended readers. This workshop is a good investment. — Erik Sowa, Coach

“I took Johanna’s writing workshop in May 2021 to help my professional writing. I liked the workshop because it was well structured, included video lessons and online debrief sessions. Take this workshop if you think writing will help your career or business.” —Vlad Bushin, product development consultant

“You can earn what it takes to write effectively: in six weeks, step by step. No kidding. The big gift for me was discovering that a non-fiction book is not my work. Now I’m equipped with enough information to get the job done.” —Marsha Shenk, Founder, EcosystemIQ

“I have been looking to step up my writing and was keen to learn from someone with a track record. The weekly lecture series is presented in nice small bite-sized chunks with easily digestible ideas and content. The videos are clear and well narrated by Johanna. The course is topped off with a weekly coaching session that focused on reflection, learnings and continuous improvement. Johanna has a wonderful way of reminding me of the positives and contexts, while encouraging me to improve.” —Sathpal Singh, Chair of BCS Agile Methods