Writing Workshop 2: Secrets of Successful Non-Fiction Writers

Do you struggle with engaging people with your writing? Do people ever ignore your writing? Do you have trouble publishing on a regular basis? Do conferences ignore your abstracts even though you have compelling content?

You’re not selling your ideas to people who need them.

If you have any of these problems, this workshop is for you. It’s time to supercharge your writing.

Successful non-fiction writers implement several secrets: they find simple and compelling ways to explain their ideas; they have a trusted cohort of reviewers; and they maintain a regular publishing schedule. You can learn how.

Here’s the outline of the workshop:

  • How to structure your articles, blog posts, or abstracts so that they draw people in at the beginning.
  • How to keep people reading all the way to the end.
  • How to check your writing first before you ask for review.
  • How to ask for and receive feedback about your writing.
  • How to use the feedback you receive.
  • How to publish on a regular basis. How to find places to publish and sell your writing.

Join this 6-week workshop to learn all this and more. You will write at least one releasable piece each week: an article, a blog post, a conference submission or something else of your choosing. You will find a place to publish it. My goal is that you will end the workshop with at least three pieces you can publish and you know where to publish them.

Expect to spend a couple of hours on homework each week. I will provide you feedback on everything you send me. We will create a community of feedback providers in the workshop.

You probably know me through my writing. In case you don’t, I’m the author of 13 books (and counting), about 1000 blog posts, and hundreds of articles. If you look at Writing Workshop 1, you can see some testimonials for my technical editing and teaching.

This workshop has a prerequisite: Either you’ve taken Writing Workshop 1 with me, or you have the habit (or are willing to practice the habit) of writing. Email me if you are not sure which workshop is right for you.

We will meet these days for our in-person sessions, starting in 2017, all at 2pm Eastern.

  • January 10
  • Januar 17
  • January 24
  • January 31
  • Feb 7

I am limiting registration to 8 people so I can provide you the best feedback.

This is a virtual workshop. You can join from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Super early bird pricing: $425, up until Nov 25, 2016

Early bird pricing: $525 November 26-December 23, or until we fill the workshop.

Just in time pricing: $625 December 24- January 9, 2017, or until we fill the workshop.

I use Stripe as a payment processor. They take your credit card over https and encrypt everything. Your card info is safe with them.

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  1. Marilyn Schumacher

    Not sure if I qualify for the Writing Workshop 2. I have been writing on a blog for the last several years, once per week, until it goes into hibernation for the month of Dec.

    • johanna

      Hi Marilyn, I sent you an email to ask you more specifics.

      If other people are wondering the same thing, here’s the quick answer: Workshop 1 is about developing a writing habit. I provide feedback on your writing so you learn what to look for as you write, to improve yourself. Workshop 2 is much more about learning to write faster and publish more.

      Successful writers write articles, blogs, whatever that people love to read. Workshop 2 is about attracting people to your writing and publishing more often.


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