Update Your Resume Monthly

If you are (or work for) a fabulous manager, you have weekly one-on-ones with your staff and discuss their accomplishments, and file those accomplishments in a folder. At the end of a year, you know what people have done, you’ve given them feedback on their work, and writing their review is a piece of cake. And, your staff can take their accomplishments off their review and insert them onto their resumes.However, if you don’t want to wait for your manager, or you’ve just been laid off, or you’re between managers, or your manager isn’t diligent about one-on-ones, or your company doesn’t perform reviews, you may not have the easy update technique for your resume. In that case, do what I do: update your resume monthly. If you update your resume monthly, you’re much less likely to forget significant accomplishments.At the end of the month, review with yourself: what did I accomplish? What am I most proud of? What do I need to work on? You can use a form of Focused Conversation by using these questions:

  • What stood out for me over the past month? (This is raw data for your resume)
  • Where was I challenged or surprised? (This may modify the data)
  • What insights did I gain? (Insights may end up in your summary or objectives)
  • What will I choose to do the next time? (This will help you define where to go)

Take a look at your resume every month. Can you add a line about a project? About a problem you solved that provided significant value to the company? If you can point to any of these: time saved, money saved, improving the customer experience, you can capture a manager’s attention.You may not have to change your resume every month. Review it every month and see if you want to change it.

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