Show Your Value

The folks at the monster blog have another winning post One More Time of tips for job seekers. One of the most important tips is to show your value in a resume, a tip from Five Ways to Make Your Monster Resume Stand Out. Thad Peterson says “Use Numbers to Your Advantage” and highlights some ways to showcase your value.Here are some ways for technical people to quantify their value to the organization. Remember, senior managers care about time, cost, and customer experience. If you can, explain how you:

  • Saved time on a project, especially if you can explain the effect of saving time. “Developed an automated build script. We went from builds every two weeks to builds whenever the developers wanted, decreasing overall project time by 2 months (estimated by project manager).” If you fixed a system problem that wasted time on multiple projects, say that. “Created an automated something-or-other that helped every project save time. Estimate of time saved was two person-months per project or $40,000.”
  • Saved money. “Built automated entry system, eliminating the need for overtime. Overtime previous year was over $50,000.”
  • Improved customer experience. “Salvaged critical customer relationship, saving account. Customer spent $2M last year on product and support.”

Look at each of your jobs. See if you can articulate at least one line that shows your value for each of them. (If you have other ideas about value that differ from cost, time, customer experience, fine. I hope you comment with your ideas.) Just remember to articulate your value clearly for each of your jobs.

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