Keep Your Resume Short

A capable senior manager has been looking for a new job for a couple of months. He's a capable guy, and although two months isn't that long, I was surprised that he's had no nibbles.Then I saw his resume. His resume was 5 pages long, and had too much detail to read quickly. It also seemed to repeat information from one page to another.Candidates, remember you don't have much time to impress a hiring manager. Those of you looking for senior management positions–you probably have less time because once the more senior manager takes a look at your resume you may only have 10-15 seconds to impress that manager.It's ok to have two versions of your resume: the short one that's no more than 3 pages long (one overview page and two reverse chronological pages), and a longer one that you explain is available if people want more detail.Remember, a resume is a marketing piece. Your job is to whet the hiring manager's appetite, not kill it. Think about how long you really need your resume to be.

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  1. I remember reading this on your site a long time ago, and immediately converted my several pages long resume to a single page one. Being a programmer this is really radical because all my friends in the industry list all their projects and used technologies on their resume. I recently switched jobs and I got nothing but compliments about my resume. I got the job and the only thing my resume says about technical skills is “I know how to program Java and .NET”, no project listings or used frameworks or the usual technical stuff, just selling myself on one page. I have to admit it was hard work to write such a resume, but in the end it really payed off, thanks a lot for the good advice!

  2. Good point, I think a short resume makes you appear more confident, really. 5 pages seems desperate.

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