Focus on Your Experience

I wa just reading recent grad frustrated by job search, and want to highlight something many candidates, even experienced candidates, forget:

Remember, a hiring manager is going to spend maybe a minute (or less) on the initial scan of your resume. What do you want her to see in that minute — a list of college courses you took, or work experience directly relevant to what she's hiring for?

That means that no matter who you are, focus on your experience in your resume. If you can attach any value to the work you did, say that too: “developed microcode for blah-blah project, saving the company $50,000 in NRE.” (NRE is non-recurring engineering costs.)

Whether you're a new grad or an experienced knowledge worker, use your resume to highlight your experience and the value it provided to your organization.

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  1. Yes! As a frustrated hiring manager I agree.

    My basic question when looking at a resume is “what difference did it make that they had you there rather than Joe Blow? What special value did you bring? I’ve got a stack of resumes all saying they have “whitebox testing experience…”

    And if as a candidate you can’t figure out what you brought to the table at your last job? Not good. 🙂

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