Book Review: Land the Tech Job You Love

Andy Lester has written a great book about finding a job you love in any market. He thinks it’s just for technical people, but he’s wrong. It’s for anyone who wants to find a job that he or she can love.

The first section is all about preparing to interview: knowing what you want in a job, creating your resume, building your resume in Word, html, and text. Yes, your potential employers may want more than one version, so write it and make sure it looks good in all three versions. In the section called “Finding Your Job,” Andy says,

“Your most important tool in finding a job is relationships with other people.”

He’s right. And, the chapter about building your network, creating and building relationships has great ideas about how to build your network in a variety of ways.

I love the section called “The Interview and Beyond.” Andy’s advice shines here. From clearing your schedule, to all the other preparation (selling the interviewer on you, answering tough questions, compiling and bringing a relevant portfolio, which questions you want to ask), the idea is that if you are prepared, the interview is now on your terms. (He’s got a great sidebar on how to shake hands.)

Chapter 9 is called “Handling the Tough Interview Questions.” Here, Andy delves into what to do and, especially, not do. In the section, “The Tough Questions”, Andy provides examples of what not to say and what to say when you encounter the “Tell Me About Yourself” question. With Andy’s empathy for the hiring manager and the candidate, his advice is targeted for candidates to prepare in ways that make sense.

Andy doesn’t stop there. The chapters “After the Interview” and “Staying Hirable” are gems, too. In fact, you should buy this book and Chad’s The Passionate Programmer, as part of your New Year’s actions to improve your overall skills.

You can buy  Land the Tech Job You Love on Amazon in hardcopy only. Or go to the Prag site and buy it in hardcopy or a variety of softcopy formats.

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