How Many Jobs?

A colleague is putting his resume together for the first time in several years. “I've been at the same desk, working for the same boss, on the same projects for the last three years. But my company has changed names at least four times in that time. What do I say?”

Here's the way I like to see the company names on a resume:

month/year, CurrentCompanyName, city, state. (Previously known as CurrentCompany-1, CurrentCompany-2, CurrentCompany-3) YourJobTitle.

Unless your responsibilities have changed, you've had one job.

Hiring managers: don't ding candidates on what looks like job changes. It isn't the candidate's fault the company management sold/bought the company.

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  1. I had that one in spades. I worked at HP for eleven years, but in three divisions doing three different things. After that, I worked on one product that bounced between five companies in nine years, though my responsibilities increased during that time.

    I made a timeline with overlapping boxes in an HTML table to help show it, but mostly I just got good at explaining it quickly.

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