Don’t Have a Zombie Profile on LinkedIn

Are you new to LinkedIn? Maybe you're a new grad or in transition, or at the start of your job search? You aren't sure what to put on your profile, so you don't have anything? You have a zombie profile.

Don't do it. Don't leave your zombie profile up and ask people to connect with you. You look scary. Okay, maybe if you have a picture of your smiling face you don't look quite so scary, but please. You need to put some data into your profile.

If you read my networking column last month with Andy Lester you'll notice that we invited people to link with us and tell us that they read the column. Well, we've been linking with some very nice people because of that column. And, one of them had a zombie profile.

I told him I didn't usually link with people who had an empty profile, but because he'd read our column, I would make an exception. And, then I had to inflict help. I just could not stop myself.

He explained he was at a turning point in his career. I suggested he say where he was now, and when he turned, he could remove the current stuff and update his profile. That would work fine.

Luckily, he did not flip the bozo switch on me. He took my advice. He no longer has a zombie profile on LinkedIn. What a relief.

If you have not entered any information about past or current work history on LinkedIn, because “it's going to change,” stop right now. Go to your profile, and enter your barebones work history. At least a list of where you worked and went to school. At minimum. Please.

No zombie profiles, please!

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