Two Career Tools for a Job Search

Is it time for you to look for a new job? Or, thinking about looking for a new job? If so, you want to know about two tools: understanding your career anchors and mining your career timeline.

I just read about Edgar Schein's Career Anchors. The 8 anchors are:

  1. Technical/Functional
  2. General Managerial
  3. Autonomy/Independence
  4. Security/Stability
  5. Entrepreneurial Creativity
  6. Service to a Cause
  7. Pure Challenge
  8. Lifestyle

The idea is that you decide which anchors best reflect your personality. Then, you review your current job. You see how well your current job matches what you want. Now you can decide what to do.

If you are stuck in jobs that don't fit for you, and you have not tried the career timeline activity, which includes looking at your values and culture in Manage Your Job Search, do that. You need a job (and a career) that fits your values. You might look at the career anchors, too. Maybe you've been in the wrong roles all along.

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