It’s a Title, It’s a Cover… It’s a Book!

While I was in Sweden last week, my cover designer was busy, and I now have a cover, and a published book! Welcome to the updated hiring book: Hiring Geeks That Fit.

Isn't the cover great? I love it. This looks just like some places I've worked, which is why I like the cover so much.

I drove my designer totally nutso trying to get the cover just right. But we did.

Here's what's different about this book from the previous incarnation of the hiring book:

I've trimmed the book–it's down about 20,000 words. Yes, I've edited and edited and edited. And that's before copyediting! My copyeditor won't be able to start until mid-June. I'm using leanpub for this book, so even as I work with my copyeditor, you can enjoy the book.

I've added a lot of content about cultural fit. I had some content about cultural fit in the original hiring book, but this book has much more.

I've added some guidance about how to source candidates using LinkedIn and Twitter. Now, this is a book for hiring managers and hiring teams, not recruiters. So, external recruiters, if you read this book (and I hope you do), you may not find sufficient guidance. But hiring managers, you will find a good start here. Certainly enough to start your social media recruiting efforts.

Did I mention I've tightened the language and lost 20,000 words??

I've updated many of the templates, because I've learned more about hiring issues as I've helped clients with their hiring issues.

If you bought the original hiring book in print, hop on over to leanpub, and pick up the new and improved ebook.

And, for all of you who helped me with the titles, thank you.  Your contributions helped me think through what I wanted as a title.

I'm celebrating: Hiring Geeks That Fit is a book!

3 Replies to “It’s a Title, It’s a Cover… It’s a Book!”

  1. Congrats! I love the title and accompanying picture … and the purple is a nice transition from the previous book.

  2. I couldn’t help noticing that the cover image of the book in the right hand column above (and in the copy that I bought) is slightly squashed so that everyone looks a little more portly than they do in the taller image in your blog.

    Is that because we have to crush the geeks a little to make them fit?


    1. Yikes, that must be a mistake on my part! I thought I had the cover image the correct size. I will send you private email to see which of the e-versions you are reading and to see what is going on… Thanks for telling me. I continue to learn and learn and learn….

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