The Hiring Candidate Funnel

I like to think of a funnel as the way we bring candidates into the organization and through the recruiting process. The resumes are the huge intake. The resume review starts to narrow the funnel, the phone screen narrows it more. As you use elimination questions in the phone screen, you knock people out before you get to the interview. During the interview, you eliminate more people, and finally, hopefully, you have candidates you want to make an offer to.

This is why you don't want your resume filter to be too tight. You have narrowed the candidate funnel too early. And, this is why you don't want the phone screen funnel to be too loose. You let too many candidates into the interview funnel, which wastes too much interview time. Yes, I explain all about how to do this in Hiring Geeks That Fit. My editor suggested an image that would explain this instead of sooo many words.

I've attached what the current image looks like. Does this look like a funnel to you? Should I turn it sideways? Oh, I am still challenged by creating images. I would love your feedback.

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  1. Johanna,

    I like the image, because it combines elements of a flow chart with a funnel shape – would would be a reasonable improvement if the ratio’s between each stage were visualized. Such as 200 resumes, 30 phone screens 5 in person interviews – or whatever your ratio might be.

    Although this doesn’t express that it happens over time, so resumes might come in over a month, and I might start phone screening on day 4 and interviewing on day 8, depending on candidates…

    I agree with you though, resumes don’t tell you enough to rule out very many people. Especially if you are looking for brains – its hard to tell from resumes.

  2. I was going to suggest the sales funnel too. The other reaction I had is that you might want to suggest a better sense of scale with the funnel. There is one person going to get the job. How many offers do you make? How many interviews? How many candidates get phone-screened? How many resumes? (Maybe even a couple of passes through resume screening.) Based on everything I hear, the top of the funnel is HUGE, which suggests the screening process has to be pretty good.

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