Graphology is Not Useful

In Handwriting and Your Job Search, Maya refers to It's All in the Handwriting. Maya, you've been had.

I wrote about this on the Bostonworks HR blog, see Debunking Graphology.Graphologists (if you can even honor them with a scientific-sounding name) are selling snake oil. I bet your handwriting looks a lot like your mother's, or your father's, or one of your grade school teachers, with slight modifications that you've made. What a surprise. These were the people who trained you to write, or whose writing you saw most while in your formative years. And, if you're like me, a turned lefty (my first grade teacher made me sit on my left hand), your writing is sometimes legible. Not enough data to determine what kind of an employee I'd be.

People turn to graphology and other “scientific” tests when they can't figure out how to know if a person will fit the position. Develop behavior-description questions and auditions — they'll tell you if a person will fit. Graphology is fun for a slumber party. It doesn't belong at work.

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