A First Cut at Defining an Effective HR Process

I taught a hiring/interviewing class this week. And, I had some HR folks in the class — which was a treat. One of them asked how to know if you have an effective hiring process.

Effective hiring processes are like effective product development processes; they depend on the organization and the organization's goals. But here's a first cut: The more delays you have in your hiring process, the less effective it is. But that's not all. Making bad decisions fast is possibly worse than making good decisions slowly. An effective hiring process will help you:

  • Weed out the unsuitable candidates early
  • Discover suitable candidates quickly
  • Make good decisions about interviewing and offers quickly
  • Check references quickly
  • Make a reasonable offer fast enough so that the candidate will be happy to say yes.

Whether you're a hiring manager or an HR person, ask yourself how well you do these things. If you fall down somewhere, see if there's something you can do to change how things work now.

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