More Praise for Hiring the Best Knowledge Workers, Techies & Nerds…

I love hearing good things about my book. I heard two great things last week. First, the book was reviewed by the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) in the Software Engineering Notes Volume 31, Issue 2. Here’s the review. You need to be a member of ACM/SIGSOFT or have access to the digital library to read it. I am, so I did 🙂 The part I liked the best was this quote:

I’ve done some interviewing for the third corporation I’ve worked for early on, and I wish I had this book twenty years ago.

The other praise was a private email from a reader:

I bought the book after recently listening to your 12/04 interview on ITConversations. I was immediately comfortable with the interviewing techniques described because they’re generally very similar to those I’ve used all along during my career when interviewing sales and marketing people. I’m not a developer but I was able to do a credible job of interviewing developers recently thanks to your suggestions.

Ok, enough basking in the glow. Back to work.


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