Hiring For An Agile Team: Who Do You Need?

This is the start of a 5-part series: Hiring for an agile team.

Let's assume you are trying to hire for your agile team. Let's assume you are in a location where you have candidates to recruit, that there are people looking for jobs in your area. I'll cover how to hire feature teams elsewhere in part 5. (Yes, I'll link to it later, when I publish it.) How do you start?

Before you can think about how to source people, you have to know the kinds of people you're looking for.

Remember that you are looking for roles on your team, not necessarily titles. Sure, you need people who are primarily developers or testers or DBAs or UI or UX people . But, they need to be T-shaped people. Or, they need to be willing to learn other roles. They need to stretch just a little.

Does this mean you don't need to do a job analysis? No. You still need to do an analysis. That's because your team's culture is different from any other team. And the role you're looking for is unique, too. So, do that job analysis. But don't get stuck on a title. I've noticed that many organizations have unique titles.

Once you have your analysis, think hard about your trade offs. I'll discuss those in Part 2: Hiring for an Agile Team: Making Tradeoffs.

Remember, before you can source, at minimum, do an analysis. I like doing a hiring strategy first. You can find both of those templates here. You don't have to plan much. You need to plan just a little before you take your first step.

If you are hiring for anyone, please read Hiring Geeks That Fit.

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