When Interviewers Ask

“Why Should I Hire You” means “How is hiring you going to help me?” You can prepare for this question before, during, and after the interview. Here’s how:

  1. Before the interview, review the job description. What specifics can you show the hiring manager about your experience that parallels the job description? Tell behavioral-description stories that explain why you would be good for this job.
  2. If you don’t have a job description, you can ask some questions. “Tell me a little about what problems you need solved.” Then, relate your experience to those problems.

Why Should I Hire You isn’t a tremendous question. It requires a sophisticated candidate, someone who’s extremely comfortable in the interview. Many technical people aren’t that comfortable. If you’re a hiring manager, consider a question like this, “Tell me about work you’ve done that I can relate to the work I’m considering you for.”

However, if you’re looking for job in this down economy, think about this question in advance, and develop some stories of work you’ve done that will help the interviewer understand why you are perfect for the job.

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