Assign Roles for Group/Panel Interviews

At a recent conference session, one participant explained that he assigned roles to people on a group/panel interview. He assigned questioning/listening roles. Here’s a way you could take it one step farther, assinging roles in similar ways to a formal inspection:

  • Assign a moderator, someone to monitor the time, who’s asking which questions, and if necessary, to move the interview along
  • Assign listeners, people who listen to the answers. They may take notes. (Remember that any piece of paper you use while hiring is discoverable, so decide if you want people to take physical notes.)
  • Assing people to sets of questions. I like having people ask about no more than two areas.

You’ll still need to limit the size of the group interviewing and the duration of the interview. Make sure you allow enough time for each interviewer to thoroughly ask questions in his or her area.

Look at this post also to see how to make group interviews work for you.

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