Put Your Candidate to Work

My Inc./Fast Company column is up: Put Your Candidate to Work. Please leave comments here.

When I write columns for a site or magazine, I discuss the areas to write about with the editor. What the editors originally wanted was a here’s-how-to-use-your-intuition article about hiring. I explained that was a bad idea, and I would write a how-not-to-use-your-intuition article 🙂

Intuition is neither good nor bad when hiring — it just is. What’s critically important is to use your intuition to generate behavior-description questions and auditions. That way you gather data about the candidate and your intuition. Win-win all the way around.

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  1. Good article. One of my three wishes would be that enough hiring managers with political pull read your words.
    I think the wish question might actually get me to stand up, shake hands, leave, and write a letter to every executive in that company I could get ahold of.

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